If you believe you or a loved one has had your constitutional rights violated, you need to consult with an experienced Section 1983 litigation attorney. A civil Section 1983 action can be a powerful tool to enforce your civil rights and liberties guaranteed to you by the U.S. Constitution, and to hold government officials accountable when those rights and liberties are violated.

A federal Section 1983 claim provides a private right of action to citizens to sue the government and its employees for constitutional violations, and due to various state laws in Indiana, a Section 1983 lawsuit may be the only way to hold state, county, or city officials accountable for things such as excessive force, due process violations, and false imprisonment.

The attorneys of Waldron Tate Bowen Funk Spandau LLC have handled various types of Section 1983 cases including claims against the Indiana Department of Child Services resulting from the wrongful removal of children in violation of the parents and/or children’s constitutional rights, and claims against cities/counties/police departments for police action shootings resulting in the death of a citizen, high-speed chases resulting in the death or catastrophic injuries to innocent bystanders not involved in the high-speed chase, excessive force resulting in serious bodily injury or death, and police dog involved incidents resulting in serious bodily injuries.

Our Section 1983 attorneys will help you determine if the government has violated your constitutional rights or a federal statutory right. Due to the time and resources required for Section 1983 claims, our attorneys are highly selective limiting our Section 1983 cases to only the most serious constitutional violations and catastrophic harm, including wrongful death, leading to a superior level of personal attention for your case.

Allow our attorneys to put our experience and success to work for you.

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